Claiming for union and professional fees and the cleaning allowance

No Cheque, No Fee

  • There is no initial cost to make a claim.
  • Our 25% fee (minimum £25) is deducted from your tax rebate cheque.
  • Our Guarantee - There is no fee if you do not receive a cheque.

By putting you first - we ensure that it is in everyone's interest to claim.

Whether you are a:
  • Nurse, Midwife or Health Care Assistant
  • Pysiotherapist, Radiographer or Phlebotomist
  • Dental Technician, ENT Specialist or Optician

If we receive a cheque - you will receive a cheque

No other tax rebate company can give you that guarantee.

No Cheque, No Fee

The Cleaning Allowance - The Flat Rate Expense (FRE)

Health care staff can claim for the maintenance and cleaning of their protective clothing.

Shoes and Tights Allowance

Health care staff who provide direct care are entitled to claim this allowance

Reduce your tax in future

Our service also ensures that your Tax Free Allowance is increased to cover your professional fees.

This will save you at least £110 per year from now on.

The correct tax code

After claiming with SRS you will be paying the correct amount of tax.

Your tax code will be checked and any money owing to you will be returned.

Another SRS guarantee.

Call 0161 370 6555 or claim online

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"Excellent service, would highly recommend SRS to anyone wanting a tax rebate. No hassle, just one initial phone call to get the ball rolling."
Care Support Worker, Cannock Chase Hospital
"I found the service from SRS to be excellent from start to finish. The process was simple and totally efficient. When i needed to ring, there were no automated messages, only friendly people who answered my questions. I received £319.61 without doing any form filling or searching for past payments. First Class!"
Mr M Johns, County Durham
"It was very easy to secure a tax rebate. I made a phone call and gave some personal details. In a few days I received some forms which required signatures and six weeks later received a tax rebate for £240.93."
Mrs D Walsh, Belfast
"A professional service that is so simple and user friendly that it would be daft not to contact SRS."
Mr L Stoodley, Kent
"A great service! Not only did SRS refund my expected overpaid tax on union subscriptions, they also sorted out my rather complicated tax records so that my final payment (less their very modest fee) was MUCH more than I expected. I would recommend SRS to anyone wanting to receive a repayment of overpaid tax."
Ms S Mills, Derby,
Received over £1,000
"Thank you for your excellent service. I found your company to be extremely professional and helpful in assisting me in reclaiming my tax rebate - it was a quick and easy process. Thanks once again."
Mr S Fullelove, Oldham

Healthcare professionals
are entitled to claim a tax
rebate on their
professional fees

Healthcare professionals are entitled to claim a tax rebate on their professional fees
0161 370 6555
0161 370 6555
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